You navigate the air. We’ll navigate the numbers.

Financial planning for FedEx pilots

FedEx put planes in the air and Memphis on the map. That’s why we’re honored to serve as the premier firm that specializes in helping FedEx pilots navigate their contracts and benefits.

Get truly personalized service beyond FedEx-provided advisory options:

  • Pre-retirement and post-retirement planning
  • Explanation of A-plan retirement benefit options
  • PRSP retirement account management

As a FedEx pilot client, you’ll be in good hands. (Specifically, the good hands of Joseph BirchRebecca Rawlinson, Nathan Powell, and Jim Isaacs.)

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Save your spot at the next presentation.

Want to learn more? Every month we host several webinars to help you maximize your FedEx pilot benefits — spouses are welcome! (And don’t worry, there’s zero obligation to work with Legacy. We’ll only follow up if you ask us to.) If you prefer to attend a presentation in-person or at a different time, please let us know in the comments box.