Your goals guide everything.

What would you like help with?

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Identification of life goals

Let’s talk about the future you want. Then, we’ll suggest strategies to help you get there.

Entrepreneur advisory services

Want advice on business management and transition planning in addition to personal finances? Done.

Retirement and income planning

Based on your present and projected finances, we’ll put together a plan that will ensure your comfortable retirement.

Stock option planning

With a plan based on earnings estimates, growth, and historical volatility, we’ll help you maximize your return.

Estate planning

Minimizing taxes. Preserving assets. Transferring wealth to heirs or charities. Yeah, we got this. (And by that, we mean Eric’s got this.)

Charitable planning

Want to use your wealth to make the world a better place? We’d be honored to help with that.

Gift planning

Share some of your good fortune with your kids, or fund a college education for your grandchild.

Insurance planning

Long-term care, umbrella, and beyond — insurance can be complicated. But we’ll help you make the best decisions (without selling you anything).

Trust services

Living trusts, life insurance trusts, testamentary trusts, charitable trusts — you can trust us to protect your assets.

Education planning

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Tax planning

Nobody likes taxes. But we’ll help make sure the IRS doesn’t take more than they should

Tax planning

Investment principles Legacy lives by

We follow a standard process that includes delivering on the following core values.

  1. Put clients first. Treating you with care and respect is job number one.
  2. Forego fads. Your goals — not the latest trend — shape our investment strategies.
  3. Keep a cool head. Sound management principles eliminate emotional decisions that often lead to poor performance.
  4. Stay goal-focused. Portfolio returns and risk levels aligned to your goals take precedence over outperforming an index.
  5. Diversify. Including multiple asset classes in your portfolio maximizes returns and reduces volatility.
  6. Take care with taxes. Though they’re important considerations in portfolio management, taxes and fees shouldn’t dictate buying and selling decisions.
  7. Stay on top of the market. By frequently reviewing your portfolio, we’ll know when it’s time to rebalance.
  8. Think strategically. This is ultimately why you hire us — to identify opportunities that will build and protect your wealth.