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When you’ve been in business for more than 35 years, you tend to hear a handful of questions over and over again. To save you time, here are a few of those (with answers).

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How is Legacy compensated?

You deserve unbiased financial advice that helps you reach your goals. This is the belief on which Legacy was founded. And it’s why Legacy is a fee-only registered investment advisor (also known as a fiduciary).

We don’t receive commissions based on the recommendation or sale of products. Instead, each client pays an annual fee based on the amount of assets under management — one percent or less.

This ensures that your needs and goals are the only thing influencing our decisions.

I have my portfolio at several other investment firms. Why should I move to Legacy?

New clients often come to Legacy with fragmented portfolios invested over the years. No one is watching or managing the total portfolio to see if it supports your objectives.

With Legacy, you’ll get a consolidated portfolio that simplifies your financial life and provides peace of mind — all while inching you closer to your goals.

I have an account with a national brokerage house. How is Legacy different?

Put simply, your goals guide everything at Legacy. We’ll spend time listening to your financial objectives, analyzing your portfolio, and gathering data to help us construct your comprehensive financial plan.

(Plus, we disclose all costs and fees — unlike many brokerage accounts.)

My bank offers a free financial plan. How is Legacy different?

Usually, these programs serve as sales tools to introduce you to proprietary products. As a result, they’re often heavily generalized, offering little value or even leading clients to make disastrous financial decisions.

We don’t use a scripted or overly-simplified planning approach that other financial institutions often use. And we don’t sell products for commission — our advice is our product.

So as a Legacy client, you’ll get a financial plan that’s both comprehensive and specific to your situation.

How is Legacy different from other wealth management companies?

Many wealth management firms offer a “one size fits all” approach to investing. And with Legacy, you’ll get a financial plan that’s tailored to you.

In creating your custom investing strategy, we’ll consider the level of risk you’re willing to take, any unique tax or estate details, and — most importantly — your overall financial goals.

This unique approach is just one reason 98 percent of our clients have stuck with us for the last five years.

I am recently widowed. Can you help?

Settling an estate can be complex and confusing. We’ll help you avoid the pitfalls when faced with important investment decisions — even if you ultimately decide not to build your financial future through Legacy.

Many investment firms will gladly invest your inheritance. But the goal of the deceased was to provide for you in their absence. Our goal is to make sure that happens.

Can you establish a portfolio for my children?

Certainly. In fact, we encourage you to include family members in your financial planning and portfolio management process. Our business is built on long-term relationships so we’re happy to help your children.

Do you work with clients who live outside the Memphis area?

Yep! About 30 percent of our clients live more than two hours outside the Memphis area. In fact, we have clients in over 40 states. Thanks to improvements in technology, we can manage your investment portfolio, check in with you frequently, and maintain focus on your financial goals — regardless of where you live.