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Tax Efficient Portfolio Construction

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Financial Planning

At Legacy, we manage portfolios that may or may not include tax-deferred or non-taxable accounts such as an IRA or a 401(k).  Oftentimes clients have both taxable and non-taxable accounts within their entire portfolio.  We structure each client’s portfolio given the tax characteristics of the account or multiple types of accounts to deliver a more tax efficient solution.

If a client has a sizable low-basis stock holding, Legacy will manage the position to help reduce or defer potential tax obligations as well as design a portfolio to complement the stock holding.  Additionally, when appropriate, Legacy will set a target sale price, use stop-loss and or limit order to lessen any concentration risk, and opportunistically defer taxes when possible.  Specific tax lots will be identified if possible for tax efficiency.  Option strategies such as covered calls and married puts can be used when appropriate.