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President & CEO

James J. Isaacs, CFP®

Creating your Plan

Hallie Peyton, CFP®


Managing Your Investment Portfolio

E. Charles Jalenak, CFP®


Cathy Simmons, CFP®

Operations and Administration

Duncan Miller, CFP®

Our Founder

John Ueleke, CFP®

Nick Sowell, CFP®
Senior Financial Planner

Financial Planners are puzzle solvers.  We look at all the pieces of a client’s life—family, job, savings, investments, insurance, and the list goes on—all so we can assemble a plan that is unique to that client.  We don’t assume that the solution to the puzzle for one client fits the needs of another.  My planning experience, coupled with a wide array of expertise offered at Legacy, allows us to provide a client with a plan that is specific to their retirement goals.  Clients deserve the Legacy difference.

Nick is a member of Hallie Peyton’s client service team.  Nick is responsible for delivering financial plans to new and existing clients and has portfolio management duties. As a Portfolio Manager, he is responsible for the management of his team's portfolios by reviewing clients' goals and objectives and implementing investment strategies.

Nick joined Legacy Wealth Management in 2015 and was previously with Shoemaker Financial where he prepared financial plans and performed various retirement, education and insurance analyses for clientsNick received his CFP® certification in 2014.  He received his B.B.A. from the University of Memphis.