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Our team of investment professionals will frequently monitor and review your investment portfolio for performance, risk tolerance and your personal financial goals.  Providing this supervision is a critical component of our relationship with each client to ensure that their portfolio is on track to achieving their goals.  Our investment professionals will focus on the following items when reviewing your managed portfolio:

  • Critical events in your time horizon
  • Objectives, constraints, and allocation targets
  • Asset allocation of the portfolio versus the target allocation to determine if rebalancing is necessary; if so, perform the rebalancing
  • Amount of cash available for your scheduled income needs and stated liquidity requirements
  • Specific allocations based on the latest fund screening and Investment Committee actions
  • Unrealized gains and losses in taxable accounts
  • Tax-loss harvesting as appropriate
  • Realized capital loss carry-forwards to offset gains as appropriate

A quarterly report is issued to each client (in addition to monthly or quarterly statements directly from custodians). The purpose of the report is to show:
  • Investment Policy Summary Statement (IPSS) that states the facts, objectives and constraints for the client's portfolio
  • Consolidated report showing all investments organized by asset class for comparison to the target allocation as set in the IPSS
  • Performance of the client's investment portfolio over relevant time periods
  • Summary of buy and sell transactions for the quarter
  • Calculation of the portfolio management fee

We make an effort to contact each client to discuss their report and any changes to the their situation that would merit a revision to objectives.  We are always here to listen, discuss your options, give advice, and take appropriate action.