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We believe that...

  • client interests always come first.
  • in building portfolios that will achieve our clients’ goals rather than building portfolios that incorporate the latest fads.
  • an investment discipline based on sound portfolio management principles removes emotional decisions that often lead to poor performance.
  • portfolio returns and risk levels that meet our clients’ goals are more important than portfolios that try to outperform an index.
  • diversifying a portfolio across multiple, less-correlated asset classes will enhance returns and reduce volatility.
  • taxes and fees are important considerations in portfolio management, but buy or sell decisions should not be based solely on taxes.
  • we can add value through over/under-weighting asset classes and subclasses at opportunistic times during business and market cycles.
  • we can add value by frequently reviewing the weightings of asset classes and performing disciplined rebalancing to capture the benefits of market direction and volatility.
  • we can add value through the tactical placement of specific investments in taxable and tax-deferred accounts.